Thursday, September 24, 2009

75 Goals (73 for iphone)

I don't believe you'll check off a goal unless it is locked in or a current wish.

Lock-in goals that are immediately achievable (ie. don't lock in Reach the top of the career ladder nor Achieve the highest fishing skill level, etc. early on in the game).

Here is a list of the 75 goals for Sims 3 Cell Phone:

  1. Try cooking
  2. Buy a bath
  3. Gain a skill point at cooking
  4. Gain a skill point at cleaning
  5. Gain a skill point at repairing
  6. Meet a new Sim
  7. Befriend a Sim
  8. Begin a relationship
  9. Make an enemy
  10. Make a Sim laugh
  11. Annoy a Sim
  12. Insult a Sim
  13. Creep-out another Sim
  14. Slap a Sim
  15. Get a job
  16. Buy something
  17. Catch a fish
  18. Catch a trout
  19. Catch a salmon
  20. Repair something
  21. Discover a new recipe
  22. Cook something
  23. Cook cheese on toast
  24. Cook steak & veggies
  25. Cook minestrone
  26. Grow something
  27. Grow carrots
  28. Grow corn
  29. Grow tomato
  30. Watch TV
  31. Kick over a Trash Can
  32. Sleep in another Sim's bed
  33. Use another Sim's shower
  34. Use another Sim's toilet
  35. Get a better couch
  36. Catch 15 fish
  37. Harvest 30 crops
  38. Stay entertained for three days
  39. Stay fed for three days
  40. Stay rested for three days
  41. Stay clean for three days
  42. Meet all the Sims in town
  43. Make a Sim jealous of you
  44. Sleep in three other Sim's beds
  45. Woohoo with someone
  46. Get a promotion
  47. Reach the top of the career ladder
  48. Achieve the highest fishing skill level
  49. Achieve the highest repairing skill level
  50. Achieve the highest cooking skill level
  51. Achieve the highest cleaning skill level
  52. Try Fishing
  53. Gain a skill point at fishing
  54. Catch a catfish
  55. Use everyone's toilet at least once
  56. Use everyone's shower at least once
  57. Creep out five people
  58. Watch three people sleeping
  59. Be romantically involved with three Sims
  60. WooHoo eight times in one day
  61. Accumulate $5,000
  62. Own the best house
  63. Own the best TV, stereo and stove
  64. Get married
  65. Be liked by all the Sims in town
  66. Be disliked by all the Sims in town
  67. Slap four people
  68. Insult five people
  69. Kick over all the trash cans in town
  70. Buy a watering can
  71. Get a stove
  72. Accumulate $1,000
  73. Buy a better TV
  74. Buy a repair kit
  75. Buy fishing kit

A lucky surprise awaits after completion (I won't spoil it for you!).


  1. i wonder how to achieve "Kick over all the trash cans in town" since i was kick all neighbour and my own house trash can but still can't check this please...thank you

  2. fyi, i'm using the jerk personality...but can't solve the last goal which want me to kick over all the trash cans in town.thanks for your help...

  3. what is the surprise ?

  4. oh thank you very much!

  5. 75. Buy fishing kit
    is the goal which is left. but it won't show up.

    anyway, thank you for posting this

  6. thanks!!!!
    Now I discovered what the hell I miss xD
    Nobody wished a repairing kit u.u