Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Started- Choosing a Persona

Start a new game, and create a Sim. Make 'em look how you most desire, then, most importantly decide on your Sim's persona. You can choose between 6 different personas.

Why does this matter, you ask?

Let's back track a bit...

iPhones have 73 obtainable goals. Other mobiles have 75. Each persona has a different set of goals to complete (ie. Jack of All trades wants to focus on the fishing, repairing, cleaning, and cooking skill set, whereas the Nice Guy wants to get married and be liked by all the Sims in town).

In the beginning, just pick whichever one suites your fancy.

Next up - your Sim's traits. These don't seem to have any affect on goals, etc., however choosing traits that might obtain goals easier (ie. if you're the Nice Guy, chose modest, friendly, genius, conversationalist, and good sense of humor) would be wise.

Jack of All Trades

  • "This Sim is well-rounded, good at everything, but master of nothing."

Persona Goals:

  • Achieve the highest fishing skill level
  • Achieve the highest repairing skill level
  • Achieve the highest cooking skill level
  • Achieve the highest cleaning skill level
Nice Guy/Girl

  • "Need to create and maintain friendships with everybody in the neighborhood."

Persona Goals:

  • Get married
  • Be liked by all the Sims in town

  • "Excel by annoying every Sim in the neighborhood."

Persona Goals:

  • Be disliked by all the Sims in town
  • Slap four people
  • Insult five people
  • Kick over all the trash cans in town

  • "Requires generous amounts of WooHoo."

Persona Goals:

  • Be romantically involved with three Sims
  • WooHoo eight times in one day
Power Seeker

  • "This Sim loves money and power."

Persona Goals:

  • Accumulate $5,000
  • Own the best house
  • Own the best TV, stereo and stove

  • "This Sim is just crazy!"

Persona Goals:

  • Use everyone's toilet at least once
  • Use everyone's shower at least once
  • Creep out five people
  • Watch three people sleeping

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