Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fishing; Catching and Selling Fish (Easy Money!)

Next up is fishing. This is an easy way to make money fast (and its a good break from other Sim tasks...naturaly), all the while you complete other goals and improve your skills.

Head over to the lake and walk over to the fishing platform.
This mini-game is fairly self-explanitory, so we won't go into detail here.

To sell fish:
Shop at the Quickmart, scroll to the bottom of the menu, highlight the specific fish you want to sell, then hit 4 or your left directional key once for each fish you have, then press the right soft key to finish the sale.

Catfish - $25, limit 5
Snapper - $45, limit 5
Trout - $50, limit 5
Salmon - $65, limit 10
Tuna - $100, limit 3

The higher your fishing score, the better chance you have a catching the higher priced fish.

There are many different fishing Goals in Sims 3 Mobile. Don't lock in the Catch a Catfish goal early on in the game when you haven't increased your fishing skill at all.

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