Friday, September 25, 2009

Career Guide - Corsican Bistro

Culinary isn't that lucrative, minus the eat-in meal. I'd suggest going politics or biology.

Corsican Bistro - Career: Culinary - Boss: Marcell

Perks - Discounted meals ($15 rather than $50) - all career levels.

Kitchen Scullion
M-F, 10:30-18:30 Level up: 2 cooking skill points

Ingredient Taster
M-F, 10:30-18:30 Level up: 2 fishing and 3 cooking skill points

Line Chef
T-Sat., 11:00-17:00 Level up: 3 fishing and 4 cooking skill points

T-Sat., 11:00-17:00 Level up: 5 fishing and 5 cooking skill points

Chef de Cuisine
T-F, 11:00-17:00

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