Thursday, September 24, 2009


After you secure a job, pay a visit to your boss. Click on the conversation piece actions Actions, then Get Raise. If your boss refuses, they will let you know which skills you need to improve. Gaining a point in your job's specific skill set will earn you a raise.

If you have already increased skill points, go ask for a raise after you accept a job offer!

Laboratory - Career: Biology - Boss: Anya

Test Subject
M-F, 9-16:00

Corsican Bistro - Career: Culinary - Boss: Marcell

Kitchen Scullion
M-F, 10:30-18:30

Town Hall - Career: Politics - Boss: Ruth

Campaign Intern
M-F, 8:30-18:00

Quickmart - Career: Buisness - Boss: Bernie

Filing Clerk
M-F, 8:30-18:30


  1. Hi im on 240 a day working for anya in the lab how do i get the next pay rise keeps showing the minus sign.. Thanks

  2. $240 is the highest it can go